Feng  Liu  

Professor at Central China Normal University
Member of the STAR collaboration at RHIC BNL, BES3 collaboration at BEPC2 IHEP, CBM collaboration at FAIR GSI, CEE collaboration at CSR IMP
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Office Address: 
Institute of Particle Physics
Central China Normal University
152 Luoyu Road, Hongshan Borough,  Wuhan,  430079, China


Phone:      (86 - 27) 67867692(o) ,  13377896186(cell phone)


1978 -- 1982:  Dept. of Physics, Beijing Normal University, undergraduate student   Academic degree:  Bachelor of Sceince
1982 -- 1984:  Dept. of  Physics, Huazhong Normal University,  graduate student  Academic degree:  Master of Sceince
June 1999     Dept. of Physics, Shandong University
Academic degree:  P.h. D. in High energy experiment physics


Quantum Mechanics
Mathematical Physics
Introduction to High Energy Physics
Particle Physics


Publication List

Jiamin Chen,Xiaofeng Luo, Feng Liu,Y. Nara, Effects of mean field and softening of equation of state on elliptic flow in Au+Au collisions at 5 GeV from the JAM model, Chinese Physics C 42, 024001 (2018).

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