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IOPP Forum: Dr. LIN, Shu 10:00 am, May 4, Thursday, 2017

Time: 10:00 am, May 4, Thursday, 2017  

Location: Room 9409  

Speaker: Dr. LIN, Shu(林树) /Sun Yat-sen University(中山大学)  

Title: Dilepton and photon production in semi-Quark Gluon Plasma  

Abstract: Perturbative description of QGP is expected to be modified close to deconfinement transition. I will introduce the semi-QGP model incorporating nontrivial Polyakov loop. The presence of nontrivial Polyakov loop acts as an imaginary chemical potential, which suppresses the color degree of freedom. I will discuss the modification of dilepton and photon production due to the suppression of color degree of freedom. We found that the dilepton, which is produced from color singlet, actually is enhanced compared to the case with trivial Polyakov loop. On the other hand, the photon is produced from color non-singlet, thus it is suppressed. The suppression mechanism differs for 2 to 2 rate and collinear rate. The suppression of photon rate might help to explain the photon v2 puzzle found in experiment.  

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