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IOPP Forum:Prof. Miklos Gyulassy,10:00 AM,Wednesday,October 18,2017

Mini-School on High-energy Heavy-ion Physics:

Lecturer: Prof. Miklos Gyulassy (CCNU & LBNL)

Time & Place: 10:00 AM, Wednesday, October 18, 2017 Large Seminar Room(Room 9409)

Lecture 2: This lecture will focus on new results using the new event by event CIBJET=ebe-VISHNU+CUJET3 framework (Columbia-Indiana-Berkeley collaboration with S.Shi and J.Liao) to contrast predictions with perturbative wQGP/HTL and non-perturbative sQGMP models of the color structure of the inhomogenous dynamic QCD perfect fluids produced in ultra relativistic heavy ion collisions. Global chi^2 analysis of all RAA and soft+hard v2, v3 data strongly prefers the sQGMP model of emergent color magnetic monopole degrees of freedom near (1-2) Tc that naturally explain why QGP fluids have such small viscosity (eta/s~ 0.1-0.2) at RHIC and LHC energies.

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