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IOPP Seminar: Dieter Rohrich,3:00pm,Feb. 1st, Thursday, 2018

You are invited to join the following serminar talk to be given by Prof. Dieter Rohrich from Gergen University, today on Feb. 1st,Thursday afternoon at 3:00 at seminar room 9409.

Proton-CT - a novel diagnostic method for particle therapy

In the recent decades there has been a worldwide increase in the number of cancer patients treated with proton and carbon radiation therapy. Particle therapy as of today is based on pre-calculated dose plans for each patient. The applied dose plans are created from X-ray computed tomography (CT) images.

However, even the best CT does not allow a sufficiently precise prediction of the ion beam range. In order to exploit the full potential of particle therapy, the Bragg peak has to be located inside the tumor with a submilimeter precision. The proposed novel clinical proton-CT will provide such a precise range estimate online.

The pCT-prototype combines a tracker and a calorimeter in a single compact device simultaneously performing tracking, particle identification and energy/range measurements. Because of the extremely high granularity the device will be able to cope with a large amount of particles, thus providing a breakthrough in rate capabilities.

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