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IOPP Forum:Prof. Pengfei Zhuang (庄鹏飞),10:00 am,April 19,Thursday,2018

Time & Place: April 19 (Thursday), 10:00am, Room 9409

Title: Chiral kinetic theory in electromagnetic field

Speaker: Prof. Pengfei Zhuang (庄鹏飞) from Tsinghua University


We systematically study quantum effects on chiral and $U_A(1)$ symmetry breaking in external electromagnetic fields in the frame of equal-time kinetic theory. We derive the transport and constraint equations for the 32 spin and isospin components of the quark Wigner function in a Nambu--Jona-Lasinio model. By taking semi-classical expansion of the equations, we obtain the nonzero chiral condensate at classical level and neutral pion condensate at the first order in hbar. Induced by the quark off-shell effect, there exist strong quantum oscillations for the two condensates.

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