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IOPP Seminar : Prof. Lianyi He, Tsinghua University, Sep. 27(Thursday), 10:00 am, Room 9409

Time & Place: Sep. 27 (Thursday), 10:00am, Room 9409

Title: Strongly Interacting Fermi Gases

Speaker: Prof. Lianyi He, Tsinghua University

Abstract: The application of magnetic field tuned Feshbach resonance in
ultracold Fermi gases of alkali-metal atoms, i.e., tuning the
interatomic interaction strength, opens a new paradigm to study strongly
interacting many-body phenomena. The crossover from
Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) superfluid to Bose-Einstein condensate
(BEC) in atomic Fermi gases has now been experimentally explored in
great detail, leading to a number of new concepts such as unitary Fermi
superfluid and universal equation of state that bring new insights to
better understand other strongly interacting systems in nature, such as
quark gluon plasma and neutron star matter. In this talk I will
introduce some many-body theoretical description of the BCS-BEC
crossover and some recent developments in strongly interacting Fermi gases.

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