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The 76th HENPIC seminar by Zhu, Xianglei Dec.27 (Thur) 10:30 am

Title: Recent results on heavy-ion collisions from LHCb

Speaker:  Xianglei Zhu (Tsinghua U)
Date: Thursday, Dec. 27, 2018, 10:30 AM (Beijing Time)

LHCb is one of four large experiments at the LHC. It was designed primarily to study CP violations in b-hadron decays. Nowadays, LHCb has become a general purpose detector at forward rapidity. LHCb started the data-taking on heavy-ion collisions in collider mode since 2013, and in fixed-target mode since 2015.  In this talk, we present the recent LHCb results of heavy-ion data analyses and discuss the prospects for the future LHCb heavy-ion program.
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Title: HENPIC-Dec.27
Description: HENPIC-Dec.27
Community: JET
Meeting type: Open Meeting (Round Table)

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