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IOPP Seminar : Chen Zhang (张成), Central China Normal University, April 18, Thursday, 2:30pm, Room 9409

Time & Place: April 18, Thursday, 2:30pm, Room 9409

Speaker:  Chen Zhang (张成), Central China Normal University

Title: The elliptic flow of heavy quarkonium in pA collisions from the
initial state.

Abstract: The particular azimuthal angular correlation between a heavy
meson and a light hadron has first been measured at the LHC recently. In
this two particle correlation method, the experimental results show that
the elliptic flows for heavy-flavor mesons (J/psi and D^0) are almost as
large as those for light hadrons. We investigate the angular correlation
between a heavy quarkonium and a charged light hadron in the Color Glass
Condensate framework, which indicates that the heavy quarkonium v_2 can
be naturally interpreted as an initial state effect. We also predict
that the heavy quarkonium Upsilon should have a similar elliptic flow as
compared to that of the J/psi, which can be tested in future measurements.

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