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IOPP Forum : Prof. Chris Parkes, University of Manchester, May 31, Friday, 10:00am, Room 9409

Time & Place: May 31, Friday, 10:00am, Room 9409

Speaker:  Prof. Chris Parkes, University of Manchester

Title:  Beyond the Energy Frontier: the changing eras of LHCb

Abstract: The LHCb experiment has recently completed its initial
operating period (2010-2018), and has published over 450 scientific
papers. Highlights of the physics output of the experiment will be
reviewed, with an emphasis on recent results such as the discovery of
charm CP violation, lepton flavour universality anomalies and
observation of pentaquark states. The next era is now starting for LHCb.
The Upgrade I experiment is being installed over the next two years for
operation from 2021. This will allow a significant increase of
instaneous luminosity and improve efficiencies and flexibility through
the introduction of a fully software based trigger at 40MHz. Beyond this
the collaboration is planning further upgrades, with a range of novel
technological developments considered including “5D" calorimetry and
CMOS and other silicon based tracking systems and many opportunities for
involvement in the research, design and construction activities.

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