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IOPP Seminar : Prof. Guy Wormser, 法国直线加速器实验室&巴黎-萨克雷大学, Nov. 27, Wednesday, 2:30pm, Room 9409

Time & Place: Nov. 27, Wednesday, 2:30pm, Room 9409
Speaker: Prof. Guy Wormse, 法国直线加速器实验室&巴黎-萨克雷大学
Title: Recent Developments Regarding Lepton Universality Violation    
Hints of lepton universality violation together with some (still relatively) deviations from the SM in B decays observables
persist after some recent measurements and tend to form a rather coherent picture of a Beyond-the-Standard-Model scenario.
We will review these recent results, the theoretical developments, together with the prospective of upcoming measurements from the BELLE-II and LHCb experiments that should hopefully settle this exciting issue.
Dr Wormser graduated from Paris-Sud University in 1984. He is a senior physicist from Linear Accelerator Laboratory (LAL)
 in Orsay near Paris. He worked in many HEP experiments such as NA14, DELPHI at CERN, BABAR at SLAC and presently LHCb experiment at CERN.  He has a large experience in flavour physics and pioneered the measurement of semitauonic B decays in LHCb using tau hadronic decays. He received a distinguished scientist award from Chinese Academia of Science in 2017.

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