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IOPP Seminar : Dr. Biplab Dey, CCNU, Dec. 26, Thursday, 10:30 am, Room 9409

Time & Place: Dec. 26, Thursday, 10: 30 am, Room 9409

Speaker: Dr. Biplab Dey, CCNU

Title: Strategies for New Physics Searches with the Upgraded LHCb experiment

Over the next decade, the upgraded LHC beauty experiment at CERN, LHCb,
is primed to search for new phenomena beyond the Standard Model of
particle physics. The upgrade comprises two phases, I and II. The first
phase is currently ongoing and an almost brand new LHCb deterctor will
commence data-taking in 2021. The second phase will be geared to the
High-Luminosity LHC. In this talk I will describe a two-pronged strategy
to search for New Physics at LHCb. First, quantum loop dominated beauty
to strange quark decays are especially sensitive to heavy new particles
propagating in the loops. Such indirect searches can therefore probe
very high mass scales, beyond the reach of direct production at
colliders. Second, moderately heavy but very weakly coupled and thereby
long lived new particles arise generically in most extensions of the
Standard Model, and are excellent dark matter candidates. A new
detector, CODEX-b, is being proposed inside the LHCb cavern to search
for long lived particles during the High-Luminosity LHC data taking.
Along with an overview of the field, I will focus on my own contributions.

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