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When the 973 Plan "Physical Experimental Research on High Compression Baryon Matter" was held at the first meeting of the project

On  April 8, the first meeting of the National Key Basic Research and  Development Program (973 Program) "Physical Experimental Research on  High Compression of Baryonic Matter" was held in our school. Leaders  of the Basic Department of Hubei Science and Technology Department,  project responsibility experts, members of the project expert group,  project team leaders and members of the project and school science  research department leaders attended the meeting. Huang Yonglin, Vice  President of the University attended the meeting and delivered a welcome  speech. The meeting consisted of the 973 Plan. He was chaired by Prof. Xu Nu, chief scientist of the "Physical  Experimental Research on High-Compression Heavily-Body Materials"  project, an expert of the "Thousand Talents Program" and Dean of the  School of Physics of our university.

Vice  President Huang Yonglin thanked the country, Hubei Province and  relevant experts for their strong support for the project. At the same  time, he expressed that the school will actively support the  implementation of the project and do a good job of the corresponding  services and management according to the requirements of the relevant  management measures. Deputy  Director of the Science and Technology Department of the Hubei  Provincial Science and Technology Department, Deputy Commissioner Guo  Song, spoke on behalf of the Provincial Department of Science and  Technology, and expressed that as the project's relying management  department, it will earnestly perform its duties and vigorously support  the implementation of the project. Chairman  of the Project Responsibility Expert Group and the researcher of the  Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jin Yan, spoke  on behalf of the Project Responsibility Group of Experts, and introduced  the requirements for the implementation of the 973 Program by the  Ministry of Science and Technology and put forward hopes. He hoped that  the project could consolidate major scientific goals and foster  sustainable development. Development teams and achievements in the use of large devices to carry out research on major scientific issues.

Prof.  Xu Nu, the chief scientist of the project, reported on the overall  situation of the project and the tasks and targets for the next two  years. The responsible persons of the project reported on the tasks of  the tasks for the next two years. The  project expert group and project responsibility expert composed of  Prof. Wang Naian, academician of China Institute of Atomic Energy,  Professor Su Yan of Fudan University, researcher Xiao Guoqing of  Institute of Modern Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and  researcher of Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Ma Yugang, put  forward opinions and suggestions on the content of the report. . The  “Physical Experimental Research on High-compression Baryonic Matter” is  the first “973 project” hosted by our school. The project team is from  Shanghai Central Normal University, China University of Science and  Technology, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Shanghai Jiaotong  University, and Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics. The Institute and the Institute of Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences consist of 30 researchers. The project is divided into 6 research topics, and 8 researchers from our school have participated in the research of 4 topic

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