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Prof. Xu Nu from our lab was approved as the chief scientist's 973 project

In April 2015,  the Ministry of Science and Technology issued the “Notification on the  973 Plan and the Major Scientific Research Plan 2015 Annual Project  Preparation Plan Mission Statement”. Prof. Xu Nu from the School of  Physics of the School of Physics was the chief scientist's 973 project  “The Physics of Highly Compressed Baryonic Matter "Experimental  research" approved the project, the project budget is estimated at 28  million yuan, Professor Xu Nu became the first 973 program project chief  scientist.

The “Physical Experimental  Research on High-compression Heavily-bearing Substances” project has a  research period of five years, six tasks are set up, and there are eight  undertaking units. Our school is the first undertaking unit of the  project. This is the first time that our school has undertaken the 973  program with the project’s first assumption unit. project.

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