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Chairman of the ALICE Organizing Committee was hired as a professor of the Gui Guiting Academy


On  the morning of July 27th, our university held the ceremony for the  awarding and hiring of the “Qing Tao Ting” lecture professor in the  conference room on the 1st floor of the administrative building. Ma Min, party secretary of the school, Wang Enke, vice president, and  heads of physics institutes, personnel offices and other units attended  the ceremony.

Dean  of the 1000-member scholar of the Central Organization Department and  the Dean of the School of Physical Science and Technology Xu Yan  introduced the guests present at the ceremony. The  employed expert Professor Peter Braun-Munzinger received his doctor's  degree at the University of Heidelberg, Germany in 1972 and was  appointed as a professor at New York University's Stony Brook University  in 1982. From 1985 to 1994, he was the spokesperson for the AGS/E814 cooperation team in the United States. Prof.  Peter Braun-Munzinger also serves as the APS fellow, Director of the  EMMI Science Department, FIAS Senior Fellow, Chairman of the ALICE  Cooperation Group Organization Committee, Professor GSI Helmholz,  Consultant Editor Nucl. Phys. A, European Academy of Sciences Academician and won the Warner Heisenberg Medal of the Humboldt  Foundation in Germany and the Metner Prize of the European Physical  Society.

Later, Ma Min gave a welcome speech to the guests. Ma  Min first introduced the history and scale of the Huashi division. He  introduced the origin of the professor of the “Qin Tang” lecture,  reviewed the history of the Huashi division and Yale University, and  expressed the school's support for the development of high-energy  physics. He welcomed Peter Braun- Professor  Munzinger served as the chief lecturer of the "Qin Tang" and is full of  confidence in the future development of the Institute of Physics. Vice President Wang Enke further introduced the status quo and  scientific research of schools and physics schools, especially the  development history and goals of high-energy physics, and emphasized the  importance of international cooperation and the development of young  scientists for the development of colleges and schools.

Next,  Prof. Peter Braun-Munzinger signed the employment agreement, and Ma  Shuji presented the letter of appointment of Professor Gui  Braun-Munzinger as a lecture professor. Professor Peter Braun-Munzinger said that he was honored to be awarded this position. He  reviewed the history of cooperation with Chinese scientists and  research institutes for more than 30 years, and cooperated and exchanged  ideas with Dean Xu. Prof. PBM expressed his willingness to deepen cooperation and exchange  ideas with the Chinese teacher, provide assistance for the development  of the physics school and provide young scientists with more development  opportunities.

Prof.  Krzysztof Redlich and Prof. Johanna Stachel, two other academicians of  the European Academy of Sciences, who visited the University with Prof.  Peter Braun-Munzinger, congratulated Prof. PBM. Prof.  Johanna Stachel stated that as vice chairman of the German Physical  Society, she has witnessed more than 2,000 cooperation agreements  between China and Germany. She hopes that she will continue to  vigorously promote the cooperation and exchanges between China and  Germany in the future. She  suggested that both sides set up Chinese-German scholarships and  encourage more outstanding Chinese students to study in Germany.

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