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The Second Symposium on Sino-US Bound State and Continuous Field Theory of Quantum Chromatic Dynamics Held in Our University

The Second  Symposium on Sino-US Bound States and Continuous Field Theory of Quantum  Chromatic Dynamics was held in our school from November 16 to 20, 2015. Vice President Wang Enke attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech. The  international conference was jointly organized by Professor Hou Defu  and Dean Yang Yadong of the Institute of Particle Physics of the School  of Physics of our university and Professor Liu Yuxin of the Department  of Physics of Peking University. At the same time, he was invited by the  Director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Zou Bingsong,  the Institute of High Energy Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences  Zhao Qiang, Huang Mei, and the Beijing Researcher. Professor Ma Boqiang, Professor Wang Qing of Tsinghua University, Professor Liang Zuotang of Shandong University, etc. The  conference was funded by the National Natural Science Research  Foundation and the Collaborative Innovation Center of the University.  The conference was supported by the Institute of Theoretical Physics,  Peking University, Nanjing University, Chinese Academy of Sciences,  Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese University of Science and  Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, etc. Many domestic universities and research institutes have strong support.




The meeting  invited C.D. Roberts, S. Brodsky, and more than 80 experts from the  United States and Europe, including QCD continuous field theory and  hadron structure, and experts in the field, young scholars and  postgraduates from China, to participate. CDRoberts  is a professor at the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States.  Since 2001, he has been the head of the laboratory's theory group. In  2006, he was named the laboratory's "senior physicist." He has published  in the field of bound state and continuous field theory. Nearly 300 academic papers. S.  Brodsky is a senior professor at the SLAC Linear Accelerator Center at  Stanford University in the United States. He was the head of the  theoretical group of the Center from 1996 to 2002. He is widely regarded  as an outstanding scholar in the field of bound state and continuous  field theory. He has published 500 related works so far. Multiple articles.


S. Brodsky, Senior Professor, SLAC Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University


The School of  Physics of our university has a research team in China that is dedicated  to studying the formation of strong QCD interacting substances and  quark new substances. The researches in fields  such as strong interaction theory and high-energy nuclear collision  experiments have received extensive attention and recognition from  international counterparts. The meeting discussed  the progress of QCD's non-perturbative continuous field method, the  theory of strong interaction bound states, the structure of hadrons, the  state of strange hadrons, and the QCD phase transition, with particular  attention to theoretical and experimental observations. The connection between them to promote the development and in-depth research in this area. The  meeting was conducted in the form of a combination of systematic  lectures and special reports. This helped the young scholars and  postgraduates who were engaged in field research to be particularly  evident. 



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