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Our school holds the 2017 Spring Seminar on "High Energy Circular Positive and Negative Electron Colliders"

       From April 19th  to 21st, the “Spring Collision of Positive and Negative Energy Colliders  (CEPC)” seminar was successfully held in our school. Nearly  200 experts and scholars from universities, research institutes, and  universities in the United States, Italy, China, and Taiwan gathered in  Guizishan to discuss the latest pre-research achievements, advances, and  future physics of the high-energy annular electron-positron collider. communicate with.



       Vice President Wang Enke addressed the opening ceremony on behalf of the school. He  said that the conference provided a platform for experts and scholars  from all over the world to discuss and share. It will surely help to  increase exchanges and cooperation among international academic  communities and contribute to a series of theoretical and practical  problems in the field of high-energy physics. Cracking will also effectively promote the development of physics disciplines and internationalization in our university.

       At  the seminar, Prof. Xinhuai Xi, a CEPC project manager and the China  Institute of High Energy Physics, gave a general overview of the  large-scale installation of the “High-Energy Ring Positive and Negative  Electronic Collider” project initiated by China. Prof. Wang  Liantao of the University of Chicago, Prof. Joao Guimaraes da Costa and  Prof. Gao Jie of the Institute of High Energy Physics of the Chinese  Academy of Sciences made reports on three major topics: physical  motivation, detector design, and physical simulation and accelerator  design.


       In the four  conference venues that followed, the participating experts and scholars  conducted in-depth discussions on such topics as physics, detector  design and optimization, high-energy annular positive and negative  electron colliders, and super proton colliders.

       In addition, this seminar is also a preparatory meeting for the internationalization of the CEPC project. In  order to further attract high-energy physics experts from around the  world to participate in CEPC cooperation and CEPC to become a  world-famous scientific installation center with extensive international  cooperation, the CEPC Steering Committee decided to hold the first CEPC  at the Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences in  early November 2017. International seminar to advance the internationalization of CEPC.

       The  meeting was jointly organized by the Institute of Particle Physics,  School of Physics, Central China Normal University and the Institute of  High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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