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New Progress in Heavy Ion Collision: What is Hot in the QGPOct. 5-9, CCNU,Wuhan

  This workshop will provide an extended discussion of hottest new results psented at the Quark Matter meeting held in Japan in the pvious week. The purpose is to have a few people familiar with the new results put them in context and psent them to those not expert in the topics discussed. This will provide the initial impetus for extended discussion. We hope to have a mixture of participant consisting a few more senior members of the heavy ion community together with a larger repsentation of younger researchers. We hope the discussions to lead to international collaborative efforts.

  The meeting will take place at the Central China Normal University (CCNU), Wuhan, China. The workshop is sponsored by CCNU and Center of Nuclear Matter Science (CNMS). All local costs, including lodging and meals, will be covered by the meeting organizers. The deadline for applying for the meeting is September 20, 2015.

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