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The 5th ALICE ITS upgrade, MFT and O^2 Asian Workshop , 4、June 7-9,2015,CCNU, Wuhan

The 5th ALICE ITS upgrade, MFT and O^2 Asian Workshop will be held in Wuhan 7- 9 June 2015 (https://indico.cern.ch/event/381564/). The workshop program has two sessions: an ITS-MFT session, from Sunday 7th at 9h:00 to Monday 8th at 12h:00, and an O2 session, from Monday at 14h:00 to Tuesday at 14h:00. For those who are interested, a Wuhan sight seeing is planned on Tuesday afternoon.

The registration fee is 150 USD and will cover all the meals including banquet. We are now arranging the possible accommodation with moderated rate (45 USD/night for single room, 50 USD per night for double-bed room, 65 USD/night for a large bed room and 82 USD/night for a set of rooms) and at the workshop venue.

Registration form on the indico web will be ready soon and announced with useful informations including invitation letter requests, accommodation reservations and venue infos in the 2nd circular.

Please, keep all the potential participants informed and reserve the dates on your calendar.

Contact information:

Secretary: Dr. Yaping Wang, Wangyaping@mail.ccnu.edu.cn;

Tel: 00 86 2767866741(O), 00 86 13697332703 (cell phone).

Miss Ya Ma, mayaccnu@mail.ccnu.edu.cn;

Tel: 00 86 27 67867975(O), 00 86 15527890078(cell phone).

Kind Regards,

Luciano Musa, Gines Martinez, Pierre VandeVyvre and Daicui Zhou for the organizing committee

Organizing Committee:

- Paolo Bartalini (CCNU)

- Xiaomei Li (CIAE)

- Gines Martinez (Subatech)

- Lucino Musa (CERN)

- Xiangming Sun (CCNU)

- Pierre vandeVyvre (CERN)

- Yaping Wang (CCNU)


- Zhongbao Yin (CCNU)

- Daicui Zhou (CCNU)

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Institute of Particle Phisics;

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