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Mini-workshop on jet physics in ALICE at LHC RUN, 5、April 12-16, CCNU

Dear Colleagues,

We are planning to organize a mini-workshop at Wuhan for informal discussions of the forthcoming analyses on jet physics and the possible involvement for our group of ALICE-Wuhan.

Due to large time zone difference between China and Europe it is usually quite difficult for local people in Wuhan to follow all discussions taking place at CERN in various PWGs and PAGs. It thus would be very grateful for us to have you at Wuhan for a 2 days meeting to discuss the possible contributions in future and also the potential collaboration with other groups involved in similarkind of analysis.

The meeting will be organized in a few sessions, each concentrating on a well-defined topic, where our group is interested in or alreadyinvolved in (see a non exhaustive list below). Each session will be arranged with a short introduction (about 10mn), psentation(s) by physics analyzer(s), followed by informal discussion to achieve an executive summary (one page maximal). After final discussions we hope to define a working plan for each analysis topic with identified persons.

In addition, we plan to invite few theorists (Xin-Nian Wang, Peter Levai et al.) to provide some theoretical inputs on jet physics in heavy-ion physics and participate in the discussions.

We would appciate if you could let us know your pferred time slot for the meeting which can be either April 13-14 or April 14-15.

We are looking forward to your feedback so that we can fix the date!

List of observables:

• Photon(pi0)–hadron/jet correlations

• Di-trigger correlations

• Jet shape

• Fragmentation function moment

• Multi-parton interaction (MPI)

We will send you the formal invitation letter once we get your confirmation. There is no registration fee with the workshop. The hotel is booked at university campus(40-50 Euros/night).You can also book hotel at“Optics Valley Kingdom Plaza Hotel Wuhan(www.kingdomhotel-wuhan)”(~90-100 Euros/night,five star).

Looking forward to seeing you in Wuhan.

All the best.

Contact persons: Daicui Zhou, Zhongbao Yin and Paolo Bartalini

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