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IOPP Forum: Dr. FENG Xu 10:00 am, May 18, Thursday, 2017

IOPP Forum: Dr. FENG Xu 10:00 am, May 18, Thursday, 2017

Time: 10:00 am, May 18, Thursday, 2017

Location: Room 9409

Speaker:Dr. FENG Xu, Peking University

Title: Recent progress in applying lattice QCD to Kaon physics

Abstract: Standard lattice calculations in flavour physics or in studies of hadronic structure are based on the evaluation of matrix elements of local operators between single-hadron or vacuum state. Recent progress in lattice Kaon physics has gone beyond standard calculations. I will review status and prospects of lattice Kaon physics with some emphasis on non-leptonic and long-distance processes including K->pipi decay, KL-KS mixing and rare kaon decays.

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