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IOPP Forum: Prof. XIE Wei 2:30pm, May 19, Friday, 2017

IOPP Forum: Prof. XIE Wei 2:30pm, May 19, Friday, 2017

Time:2:30pm, May 19, Friday, 2017

Location: Room 9409

Speaker:Prof. XIE Wei(解卫), Purdue University

Title: Heavy Flavor Production and Interactions in Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions in CMS Experiment

Abstract: Measurements of heavy quarkonia and open heavy flavor production may provide further insight in understanding the properties of the strongly coupled Quark-Gluon plasma. The quarkonium production is sensitive to the medium's temperature and the state of deconfinement due to different binding energies of different quarkonium states. Besides the large suppression of production rate caused by mechanisms like the Debye screening, the coalescence process is expected to play an important role for quarkonium production in high energy heavy ion collisions. Open heavy flavor measurements not only serve as a good reference in studying quarkonia, but also provide unique inputs in understanding the parton energy loss in the sQGP medium. The interaction between heavy quarks and the medium involves different mechanisms than those of light quarks due to the much larger masses and can be studied through measuring open heavy flavor production. Furthermore, cold nuclear matter effects can also lead to enhancement or suppression of production yields in heavy-ion collisions. To disentangle all these effects, measurements of wide variety of species of heavy flavor probes need to be done in p-p , p-A , and A-A collisions. The CMS experiment is a large acceptance, high performance, and multipurpose experiment. In this talk, I will describe the CMS heavy quarkonia measurements including charmonia and bottomonia production, as well as the measurements of open heavy flavor production, including $D^0$ , non-prompt $J/\psi$ and heavy flavor jets in in Pb-Pb , p-Pb , and p-p collisions.

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