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IOPP Forum: Dr Alejandro Celis 9:00am, May 26th, Friday, 2017



Time: 9:00am, May 26th, Friday, 2017  

Location: Room 91229 12楼会议室)

Speaker: Dr Alejandro Celis, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Germany  

Title: Hints of lepton universality violation in B-meson decays  

Abstract: Recent measurements in the B-meson system have hinted towards the possibility of new physics that violates lepton universality. Such deviations from the Standard Model have been observed in the neutral-current processes B -> K(*) l+ l- as well as in the charged current mediated decays B -> D(*) tau nu. First I will review the current status of the Standard Model predictions for these processes. I will then present the available data on these transitions, with particular emphasis on those measurements which depart from the Standard Model.  In a second part, I will review the class of models proposed in the literature to address these anomalies and also describe the main results obtained from model independent analyses using effective theory. Finally, I will explore in this context particular new physics scenarios, including models with vector-like quarks, family non-universal Z' models and extended scalar sectors.  



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