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IOPP Forum: Charlotte Elster from Ohio University, May 22 (Tuesday), 2:30pm, 2018

Time & Place: May 22 (Tuesday), 2:30pm, Room 9409

Title: Ab-initio Folding Potentials for Proton-Nucleus Scattering based
on NCSM One-Body Densities

Speaker: Prof. Charlotte Elster from Ohio University

The calculation and derivation of microscopic optical potentials for
calculating scattering observable for elastic scattering from spin-zero
nuclei has a long tradition. So-called microscopic ‘full-folding’ models
based on a nuclear density matrix and a fully-off-shell two-nucleon
t-matrix have been developed mainly for closed shell nuclei heavier than
Oxygen-16 in the 1990s. With the advent of ab-initio structure
calculations in the No-Core-Shell Model (NCSM) for light nuclei,
non-local as well as translationally invariant one-body densities can be
constructed and employed in calculations of effective interactions in
proton-nucleus scattering.

This talk will explain multiple scattering approach to proton-nucleus
scattering and show how the first order term can be obtained using a
nucleon-nucleon interaction consistently. Results for proton and neutron
scattering from Oxygen-16 in the energy regime between 100 and 200 MeV
laboratory projectile energy will be shown.

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