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1. The research team of Huazhong Normal University led by Professor Xie Yuehong participates in LHCb international cooperation

The research  team of Huazhong Normal University led by Professor Xie Yuehong  participated in LHCb international cooperation and conducted in-depth  research on the Bs media system consisting of anti-bottom quarks and  exotic quarks, exploring the roots and physical mechanisms of the  differences in the nature of anti-matter substances. It  plays a leading role in measuring the Bs meson mixing angle φs, which  is the key issue of LHCb. Using the data collected during 2011 and 2012,  the world’s most accurate φs measurement results were obtained (see  attached figure). This result provides an accurate  verification of the quark mixing mechanism of the standard model and is  one of the most important advances in the LHCb's recent history of  differences in the nature of antimatter. The article was published in  PRL 114 (2015) 041801.


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