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1. Analytical Study of Relativistic Fluid Mechanics Equations

Relativistic fluid mechanics is an important research tool for studying quark gluon plasmas. Due to the complexity of the equations, they are generally handled numerically. In 2015, we made great progress in the analytical solution of relativistic fluid mechanics. Through  the technique of conformal transformation, on the one hand, we have  found some exact solutions for the conformal relativistic hydrodynamic  equations [1], and have been verified by numerical calculations [2]. We  have also found a finite density under the condition of limited chemical  potential. The analytical solution of  relativistic fluid mechanics [3], the resulting elliptic flow results  are in good agreement with the data obtained by STAR's recent energy  scan measurements [3, 5, Fig. 1, hydro15]. The research results were published in Phys. Rev.D 91, 085024 (2015), Phys.Rev. D 91, no. 7, 074027 (2015), respectively.


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